Unleash your inner otaku with Otaku Inu: The meme coin sensation that‘s breaking the internet with its anime-inspired charm and meme-tastic potential.

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About $OTAK

Otaku Inu: The meme coin for anime lovers! Join the revolution, embrace and dive into a world where cryptocurrency meets otaku culture. Invest now and be part of the meme coin phenomenon!

Become part of a vibrant community that celebrates anime, meme culture, and the limitless possibilities of cryptocurrency. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a casual fan, Otaku Inu welcomes you with open arms, ready to embark on a journey that blends the best of meme, anime, and blockchain technology.



Phase 1

  • Stealth Launch

  • CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings

  • 1,000+ Holders

  • Trend $OTAK on social media

  • Play games and watch anime

Phase 2

  • Community Partnerships

  • More spread on socials

  • CEX Listings

  • 10,000+ holders

  • Vibe vibe vibe

Phase 3

  • Go global!

  • Otaku Merch

  • Otaku Boardgames

  • Otaku Pop

  • Listing on T1 Exchanges

  • 100,000+ holders


Otaku Inu $OTAK boasts a 0% buy and sell tax, eliminating fees and charges during transactions. Unrestricted trading, empowering users to freely participate in the market without extra costs.

In terms of token allocation, a significant portion of 88.9% is dedicated to the liquidity pool, ensuring a healthy supply and supporting price stability. Additionally, 11.1% of the tokens are allocated to a multi-signature wallet, with 6.9% reserved for securing listings on centralized exchanges (CEX) and 4.20% for marketing initiatives, development support, and infrastructure enhancements. These allocations demonstrate a commitment to expanding the coin's visibility, driving adoption, and ensuring ongoing progress for the project. By striking a balance between liquidity, marketing, and development efforts, Otaku Inu aims to create a sustainable ecosystem that can thrive in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.


Token Supply


Multi-Sig Wallet


Liquidity Pool


Buy/Sell Tax

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